The Return of NYC ICY; Chelsea’s Latest Wine Bar

Astoria: A Brazilian spot called Samba Grill is opening soon at 29-17 23rd Avenue. [Foodista]
Chelsea: The waiters at new wine bar Bar Baresco could use a bit more training; somehow “the older one is probably better” doesn’t really cut it. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
Clinton Hill: Boca Soul on Fulton has closed, and a restaurant called Dajeh will take its place. [Clinton Hill Blog]
Flatiron: When ordering a pizza topped with chicken, bacon, and chipotle from Waldy’s, you might want to try placing “two slices cheese side together” to pretend you’re eating a sandwich, since the crust there is so tough. [Slice]
Gowanus: Work hasn’t been done on the Whole Foods site in a year. [Gowanus Lounge]
Hell’s Kitchen: NYC ICY opens Wednesday at 628 Tenth Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets with “flavors such as wild strawberries and cream (the berries, like the icy-making equipment, are imported from Italy), banana and dairy-free grape made from fresh Concords.” But they’ve had an even larger shop open in the Kensington section of Brooklyn since last week. [TONY]
Lower East Side: Adam Kuban appreciates a slider list as much as the next burger lover, but “Shopsin’s sliders are as good or better than many on Danyelle Freeman’s list.” [A Hamburger Today]
Tribeca: Matsugen’s “menu ranges from the affordable (soba for $14) to the excessive (wagyu for $135).” [Eater]