The Box Still Revels in Cocaine and Sex Toys

Bored by swords. Photo: Getty Images

If you haven’t been to the Box lately, things are the same as ever there. In a LiveJournal post, a one Miss Bunnyhead Darling, after gloating that she got a $1,000 table for free, assures that MC Raven is still up to his old tricks: “Everyone in the crowd was totally fried & the MC… would periodically yell, ‘Do more coke, you fuckers!’” Simon Hammerstein, too, is still striving for crassness. In a piece about Coney Island sword swallower Heather Holliday, author Jessica Pilot (she of the bagel-scooping jeremiad) writes: “Recently she performed at the Box, the exclusive Lower East Side burlesque nightclub. Asked by one of the owners if she could replace her sword with a dildo before hitting the stage, she politely declined. Heather knew better.” Incidentally we hear Hammerstein and Serge Becker are still scouring Manhattan for a building with a 10,000-square-foot basement and rooftop that they can turn into a booze-serving bathhouse. No word on whether the saunas will be outfitted with S&M; gear like the bathrooms at the Box.

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