Tavern on the Green Pays Up; Pigfest Doesn't Run Out of Pig

Federal officials are expected to announce today that Tavern on the Green will be forced to pay $2.2 million to employees who filed a discrimination lawsuit last September. [NYS]
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On average, mothers of children under 15 spend more on fast food than on books, music, movies, and video games combined. [NYT]

The designer of the Pringles can was so proud of his design that he had part of his remains buried in one. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

Americans love bubbles so much that we consume 15 billion gallons of soda every year, which is why some bartenders are finding ways to carbonate liquors now. [NYT]

Nine hundred sixty-five dollars will get you a twenty-week course of study at the Sommelier Society of America and a shot at a career that pays from $65,000 to more than $100,000 a year. [NYT]

It looks like the food didnt run out at this years Brooklyn Pigfest. [Gothamist]
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Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse first met in 1981, when Bouluds very pretty Catalan girlfriend took him to the restaurant where Ducasse was cooking. [NYP]