Tailor’s Absinthe Gummi Bears: Is the Green Fairy Jumping the Shark?

We're not sure how we feel
We’re not sure how we feel Photo: UrbanDaddy

Now that it’s legal, is absinthe doomed to become the new bacon — a sacred product that is endlessly corrupted for the sake of a cheap laugh? We suspected as much when we saw absinthe lollipops get the sort of press attention that bacon lollipops did, and now that UrbanDaddy has alerted us to Tailor’s absinthe Gummi Bear, we’re really worried. Of course, it’s a good sign that the treat, which is served with a cup of espresso, is 85 percent absinthe with just a bit of sugar and gelatin (Eben Freeman wouldn’t corrupt this hallowed drink too much), but to lesser artisans who are planning on serving absinthe cupcakes or turning Tucker Max’s infamous “absinthe doughnuts” into a reality, we beg you to stop the insanity.

Served Up: Absinthe Gummi Bears [UrbanDaddy]