Swiss Watch: Café Select at Least a Month Away

Note the Rolex clock. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Café Select, the Swiss restaurant that the guys from Touch of Class are opening with the help of Serge Becker, held its first party a couple of weeks ago, and another one on Monday, but we’re hearing from one partygoer, who talked to insiders, that it won’t fully open for another four to six weeks. Our mole says he enjoyed a “Ski Water” (vodka lemonade with grenadine and soda), and some “very, very good bratwurst.” The kitchen, we’re told, is large — almost the size of the seating area — and the most memorable design aspect, aside from the Rolex clock we told you about earlier, is the ceiling: “It looks like a close-up version of a drop ceiling, with the holes magnified to about the size of a quarter,” says our spy. “Also, there are large industrial-looking circular vents built into it.” Can’t wait to see.

Swiss Watch: Serge Becker's Café Select Soft-Opens Across From La Esquina