Steve Lewis Calls Todd English a ‘Two-Bit, Lying Punk’

todd english and steve lewis

Steve Lewis (right) isn't the biggest fan of Todd English (left).Photo courtesy Off the Broiler

Steve Lewis talks to Nikki Cascone and Camille Becerra of Top Chef this week, and though they have some interesting things to say about typecasting and sexy chefs (Camille says she intentionally tanked her run for the top), the real jaw-dropper here is normally ber-diplomatic Uncle Steve on the subject of Todd English:

Todd was to open down on Kenmare Street; Im not sure of the details on why it hasnt opened or if it will, but I was supposed to design it. He was doing a restaurant upstairs and a club/lounge thing downstairs. Lets just say I wont talk to his lying ass again, and Im not unhappy that he hasnt gotten open down there.

You know, Im not sure if Ive called anyone an asshole yet on this blog, and people often tell me I kid glove some folks. So lets take care of that right away. Todd English is a two-bit, lying punk and should, in my opinion, never be trusted by anyone community boards, investors, women, anyone.

We cant wait to hear what Todd has to say about this.

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