Starbucks Brings Back Bold Flavors; Beer Kitchen Caters Brewski-Soaked Events

Starbucks is bringing back bolder blends of coffee for those customers who enjoy that robust/burnt taste so much. [WSJ]

Is it possible to have a four-star restaurant without a dress code? According to Le Bernardins matre d, We dont think so. [Amateur Gourmet]

The Corn Refiners Association, a Washington trade group, would like you to buy their claim that high-fructose corn syrup isnt any worse for you than sugar. [WSJ]

Beer Table has launched a minicatering operation called Beer Kitchen, meaning they can supply you with enough brew for 250 people. [Feed/TONY]

Sheridan Square, now only a month old, is taking over the space of neighboring restaurant Tasca, and turning it into a private dining room. [Zagat Buzz]

Patys Tacos, a mobile taqueria, has abandoned its spot on 110th Street and moved to the Upper East Side. [Feed/TONY]