Stand Burger Gets a Second Lease on Life, Thanks to Bun Transplant

The Stand burger: saved by the bun. Photo: Photo courtesy A Hamburger Today

Stand has finally reformed its ways and stopped ruining what could have been one of the city’s great hamburgers, reports Adam Kuban on Hamburger Today. To say this is good news to the city’s burger-enthusiast community would be an understatement. Stand came upon the scene last year, armed with a 70-30 lean-to-fat burger created by Pat La Frieda and a serious commitment to being the next great burger place. But as Kuban, we, and a lot of other burger fans soon found out, the heavy, doughy bun ruined any chance at burger greatness; chewy, dense, and obstreperous, it turned what should have been a symphony of beefy juiciness into distant, muffled music. (Soon enough, the mix was dialed back to an 80-20 mixture.) News that the old bun has been given the heave-ho and replaced with a soft, fluffy, “briochelike” version, as Kuban calls it, is the best burger news we’ve heard in a good long time.

A Revisit to Stand: Burger Backslider No More [Hamburger Today]