Satisfied Customer: It Was Bun While It Lasted

A ton of Bun.Photo courtesy of Cocktailian’s Flickr page
Our post about Bun running out of free food sparked a couple of angry comments: “I hope for this, they go out of business” and “I will never eat at Bun, any time of day.” One would-be moocher who got totally wok-blocked didn’t even have sympathy when he was told the manager had been in a car accident and the owner was out of town. But a friend of Grub Street e-mailed to gloat that on Thursday night at 4 a.m., he walked in sans reservation and ate the whole menu — and he’s got the photos to prove it. Only one other party was there. But on Friday around 2 a.m. another friend texted us to say, “You should go to Bun for free food, looks poppin.” Obviously things got a little too poppin’ shortly after that. We suppose your view of Bun depends on whether your plate was empty or full.

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