Salmonella Source Could Remain a Mystery; Chipotle Gets Locavore-ish

• According to the FDA, we may never find out where the salmonella-laden tomatoes came from, since all of their leads have fallen apart. [NYT]

• At Matsugen, you can get a sea-urchin bukkake. Okay, please make that thought go away now. [Eater]

• A businessman from Virginia who’s lost 60 pounds since December on a McDonald’s-only diet has got be the fast-food chain’s favorite customer ever. [WSJ]

• Starting this summer, Chipotle will be thinking local as its more than 730 locations start to source some of their produce from farms no more than 200 miles away. [NYDN]

• Alice Waters wants a symbolic garden on the White House lawn. [WSJ]

Room Service is rumored to soon be making the move to the meatpacking district to inhabit the old PM space. [Down by the Hipster]