Russian Spa-Restaurant Throws After-hours Pool Parties


While Simon Hammerstein and Serge Becker seek to open a boozy bathhouse, the proprietors of Wall Street Bath and Spa 88, where you can shvitz all day and then enjoy caviar and Russian beer in your bathrobe, are living the dream. The next in a series of Baña parties — put on by Michael “Mistress Formika” Jones of defunct gay clubs Opaline and Speed — will occur this Friday from midnight to 5 a.m. In true Formika fashion, a cover fee of $40 (just eight bucks more than Spa 88’s usual day rate!) gets you drinks all night, served by “bare-tenders” (the dress code, FYI, encourages “birthday suits”). If you prefer something more on the hetero side, there are always options, sometimes with cigar rooms! — just look for random flyers on the streets of the Bronx.

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