Oprah’s Chef Headed to White House With Obama?; VIPs Get Ko Dishes at Ssäm Bar

Oprahs chef, Art Smith, cooked a Mexican meal for Barack Obama last night. Now there is speculation that Smith, one of Obamas hometown favorites, might be headed for the White House. [Insatiable Critic]

Beer prices at bars and restaurants have risen considerably in the past few months, leading beer lovers to whine on the Internet about "cheater pints" and "profit pours." [WSJ]

Marco Pierre Whites slip-on Vans prevented him from dining at the Rainbow Room the other night. [NYP]

David Chang wont make exceptions to his reservation rules at Ko for foodie VIPs, but he is willing to serve some of Kos signature dishes to them over at Ssm Bar instead. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Salmonella-tainted tomatoes have been found in sixteen states, including Connecticut. [NYT]

These days, with offerings like sushi and Cuban sandwiches, not all ballpark food is crap. [NYT]