New iPhone Will Tell Your Friends Where You’re Eating

You’ve probably heard that Apple announced its new GPS-capable iPhone today — per CNET via Gawker, a program called Loopt will allow users to let their friends know exactly which bar or restaurant they’re chilling at, at any given time. A similar, more rudimentary application, Dodgeball, never really took off here beyond Lower East Side blogger types, but as Gawker notes, Loopt might bring on entirely different levels of voyeurism and oversharing. Someone who sees Julian Schnabel late at night at Blue Ribbon, as our friend recently did, can now snap a photo of the director (here’s hoping the new iPhone will come with a camera that can handle restaurant lighting) and a map will tell his Loopt buddies how to get there to see the Schnab for themselves. Of course, you can always opt out of the program, but what if your friends tell you you’re lame for not joining, like they did with Friendster? You may have to get used to dining alone at the bar.

Prepare To Never Again Have A Private Moment At A Bar [Gawker]