Naples-Style Pizzeria Coming to Bed-Stuy

In their guide to Brooklyn pizza in the magazine this week, Rob and Robin write that “Brooklyn’s newest contenders have nothing in common besides gumption, enthusiasm, and sheer determination to produce credible pies in the unlikeliest of surroundings.” That could be a manifesto for Saraghina, the new thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizzeria coming to Bed-Stuy. Chicco Piadina, owner of the West Village’s eponymous Piadina, says he plans to open the garden in August and then the dining room in September. A neighborhood resident, Piadina found a wood-burning oven at 435 Halsey Street and snapped it up. “I want it to be like Marlow and Sons. We’ll have good food, wine. And I’m going to be trained in the Neapolitan method of making pizza.” Piadina warns us that the name may change between now and the opening. But since there aren’t any other Naples-style pizza places in Bed-Stuy, we doubt we’ll have trouble finding it.

Saraghina, 453 Halsey St., nr. Lewis Ave., Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn; no phone yet.

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