Menu Typos Catch the Eyes of White People

The Website turned cultural phenomenon turned book Stuff White People Like has taken aim at foodies before (past rants have targeted dinner parties, coffee, organic food, wine, sushi, vegans and vegetarianism, and expensive sandwiches), but this has to be our favorite: The site links to a Washington Post article railing against menu typos such as “mescaline salad” and notes that “the presence of an improper apostrophe on a menu can ruin an otherwise delicious meal for a white person.” (Although they’re sometimes also hilarious — like the ones at Incidentally, Eater has a shot of a Matsugen menu item that, while not a typo, could ruin your appetite: Sea-urchin bukkake, anyone?

Typos à la Carte, Ever a Specialty of the House [WP via Stuff White People Like]
Menus Gone Wild: Matsugen's Sea-Urchin Bukkake [Eater]