Matsugen Is on the Way; How to Make Ribs Like Blue Smoke

Dumbo: J’s Wine & Spirits has only been open for a few weeks, but the small business has already had its windows vandalized and broken. According to one commenter (and as further evidenced by one artist’s vegan-cupcake experiment), Brooklyn is clearly “being overrun by vandals and thieves.” [Dumbo NYC]
East Village: You can get a scoop at Cold Stone for 8 cents this Sunday by having a special coupon sent to your cell phone off this new discount site. []
Back Forty’s house cocktail, according to Peter Hoffman, was “born out of the classic sidecar and the whiskey sour.” [Down by the Hipster]
Luca Lounge may have lost its lease, but the owners have relocated next door and hope to reopen their spot by the end of July. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
Flatiron: If you’d rather not brave the crowds at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party this weekend, you could whip up Blue Smoke’s baby-back-ribs recipe yourself. [Restaurant Girl]
Tribeca: Matsugen, Jean Georges’s Japanese project in the old 66 space, is getting closer to opening. [Eater]
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