Maremma Space Reborn As Dell’Anima Spinoff

Maremma, under its Tuscan regime.
Maremma, under its Tuscan regime. Photo: Shana Ravindra

In the restaurant world, the strong eat the weak. Hence the news this morning, over on Eater, that the guys from Dell’Anima are taking over the space of Cesare Casella’s beleaguered Tuscan restaurant Maremma to turn it into a “rustic Italian” place. Dell’Anima has been a critical and commercial success since it opened up and benefits from the foot traffic and electricity from its space on Eighth Avenue and Jane Street. Can the spinoff flourish on a quiet corner of 10th Street off of Bleecker?

AM Edition: Team Dell’Anima Taking Over Maremma Space [Eater]