Marc Forgione Absent During Forge’s Opening

Marc Forgione: All better now. Photo: Photo courtesy Forge

Visitors to the newly opened Forge last week may have been feeling a little confused at the absence of the titular owner, Marc Forgione, son of American-cooking pioneer Larry. Forge opened Tuesday, but Forgione wasn't seen there till Tuesday night, an unheard-of absence for a restaurant in its first week of operation. The reason, though, was an unassailable one: Forgione was hospitalized at the very moment that Forge was to open. According to Bullfrog and Baum, the restaurant's publicists, “Marc returned to the kitchen this weekend and is doing well. Though this was unfortunate timing, sous chef Greg Profeta and the rest of the Forge staff really pulled together to make the restaurant’s first few evenings a success.” Early early word of mouth from Forge was positive, so it seems that there was no harm done. But it was white-knuckle time for a few hard days last week.