Making Sense of Summer Eats

Adam Platt visits Bar Q in the West Village this week. Photo: Zach Desart

The week in New York, Adam Platt visits two very different sorts of barbecue restaurants in Bar Q and Wildwood Barbeque — you may be surprised by his preference. Rob and Robin take it upon themselves to taste-test all the gelato in the West Village, Silvano Marchetto of Da Silvano goes downscale with his new restaurant, and Harold Moore of Commerce shares a recipe for beef tataki with scallion greens. Finally, the Robs introduce Audrey Saunders' new cocktail destination, Clover Club, and Marc (son of Larry) Forgione's new restaurant, Forge, all in this week's issue.

A Second Chance for Cheapo Silvano
Gelato Slurpdown
Barbecue Is on Fire
In Season: Scallions
Opening: Forge
Opening: Clover Club