Junior's Cook Orders Fifteen Lobster Tails to Go

At Junior's, like everywhere else, crime doesn't pay! Photo: Jonathan Bourland

The diabolical plan of a cook at Junior's was foiled Sunday after workers found him with fifteen lobster tails stuffed down his pants, the Post reports today. The cook, Raymundo Flores, was allegedly spotted stuffing them under bandages on his legs. What a plan! We're amazed. Did Flores think that his co-workers would believe he had come down with elephantiasis? Fifteen lobster tails is a lot of food to have in your pants. To say nothing of how cold they are. Flores was released without bail (presumably he is no flight risk with all those lobster tails in his pants) and was arraigned on charges of petit larceny and possession of stolen property. Adds the Post, laconically, “he also lost his job.”

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