Is ‘Chopping Block’ Shooting on the Bowery?

Crimson's old space, left; and Marion's.
Crimson’s old space, left; and Marion’s. Photo: Carmen Lopez and A.J. Wilhelm, Youngna Park

Crimson, the restaurant in the former Kelley and Ping space, is the setting for the new reality show The Chopping Block, we’ve learned. The show, an American version of a British Marco Pierre White vehicle, features teams of couples competing to run a restaurant. A source close to the restaurant tells us that the show has been filming there for several weeks and calls chef Franklin Becker a consultant for the program. Becker has also been seen at Marion’s, down the street, a restaurant that has been closed for renovations for several weeks and may only be alive thanks to the show. Neither location is a dummy restaurant; the show intends for them to operate as legitimate operations — more The Restaurant than Top Chef.

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Crimson Open in Former Kelley and Ping Space [Eater]