Health-Food Logos Get a Makeover

Two local chains are freshening up their looks with new logos. A press release informs us that Adam Eskin, the new CEO at ten-year-old muscle-head favorite Pump Energy Food, will unveil a new aesthetic with the opening of its sixth midtown location, at 275 Madison Avenue (at 40th Street), on June 30. Former Chipotle branding exec Dan Fogarty came up with the logo you see here, designer Garrett Singer (also of Hill Country) worked on the store's interior, and the sprawling menu will be abbreviated (no word on whether “nature burgers” or “protein muffins” will get the axe). Meanwhile, Serious Eats tells us that Tasti D-Lite has come up with a slick new logo in an attempt to look as cool as Pinkberry. But will it be able to hold a candle to Yoberry?