Future of Silver Swan (and Its Tranny Party) Is Uncertain

This guy's going to be feeling it.
This guy’s going to be feeling it.

Eater reports that German-American standby Silver Swan is due to close this weekend, and owner Michael Moscatt confirms that it’s most likely true. He blames “asshole landlords — and you can quote me on that,” but says there’s a possibility of a white knight coming in at the last second. “I met with somebody just an hour ago,” he told us, “to keep the place open as is [with] an infusion of cash and to work a certain deal.” Moscatt says he’s meeting two other people over the weekend and may also get support from an associate of Nazz Somera (a.k.a. “Ina”), who for the past seven years has thrown Saturday-night transgender parties at the restaurant. Photographer Matt Mimiaga, who has documented them (God’s work!), tells us the action is pretty much G-rated compared to the tranny bars of old, although there are always NSFW photos to be taken at the apartment of one “Georgina” after the festivities. We don’t think we have what it takes to hang at Gigi’s pad, so here’s hoping the Silver Swan and its G-rated party lives on. Moscatt says he’ll know more on Monday.