Fro-Yo Wars and Waffle Wars Converge

yolato, paris sandwich, and oko

Fro-yo-waffle sandwiches, anyone?Photos: Daniel Maurer

It was only a matter of time before the cutesy waffle trend converged with the cutesy fro-yo trend like a scoop of fro-yo hitting, well, a waffle cone! Paris Sandwich, the swankest of the Chinatown bnh m shops (which isnt saying a lot) now boasts a Yolato Express, meaning you can now get green-tea fro-yo with the green-tea waffles the shop has always sold. And ko recently opened in the East Village at 137 First Avenue near St. Marks Place is offering, per a sign, homemade Belgian waffles, mmmm. We predict a fro-yo-waffle truck in three, two, one