Fro-Yo Shops Fight ATMs in Taking Over the City

Photo: Mark Peterson

A Crain’s article about fro-yo mania points to why Yolato’s Greenwich Village store may have closed. With yogurt production up 15 percent nationwide in the past seven years, and 30 storefronts having opened in the past twenty months in the city alone (and counting — Öko opens its first Manhattan location today on First Avenue between 8th and 9th streets), competition is so fierce that Yolato is focusing on the prepackaged product we told you about earlier, though founder Tony Park says he does plan to keep his current stores open and possibly franchising the brand. More fun facts: Red Mango sees about 1,000 customers a day, Murray Hill’s Berrywild sells $2,000 of fro-yo a day, and Tasti D-Lite has introduced a green-tea variety in an effort to keep up with Pinkberry. No word on whether they also plan to make their coffee flavor cloyingly tart to the point of Sour Patch Kid.

Yogurt Shops Sweet on City [Crain’s NY]