Former Top Chefs Nikki, Camille, and Ilan Bemoan Bloggers

Meet Nikki.
Meet Nikki.

Want your post to be picked up by other food bloggers? Just ask a Top Chef what they think about food bloggers! Korin Miller points us to his interview in which Ilan Hall explains why he moved to L.A.: “New York is just competitive now. Professionally, it’s not the healthiest of things for me. There are the bloggers and…with chefs — there’s like a dissing contest. It’s not a place I want to be.” And Steve Lewis continues his conversation with Nikki Cascone and Camille Becerra (neither of whom, for better or worse, are among the show alums teaching the Culinary Institute of America’s $195 Top Chef cooking classes). Nikki tells Steve, “I definitely stay away from [blogs] now. When someone alerts me that my name’s in any of the blogs, unless it’s something that my publicist got me, intentionally, and I did it, then I don’t really get caught up in them. They get too personal for me.” Note to bloggers — Nikki does not want you talking about her dog: “It’s not up for discussion.”

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