Former Lever House Chef Defends His Burger

Dan Silverman knows all about LaFrieda beef.
Dan Silverman knows all about LaFrieda beef. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Dan Silverman, Lever House’s former chef, saw our post on the new Lever House burger and wrote in to remind us that the Lever House burger won’t be entirely new. To wit:

I wish Brad Thompson all the best at Lever House. However, I’d like to clear the air a bit about the Lever burger. Pat LaFrieda has been the house meat purveyor at LH since day one. I used LaFrieda for five plus years at Union Square Café, and for years before that at Alison on Dominick. Also, the LH burger that I made weighed in at 10 ounces. Good for a hangover? Absolutely! A “Sunday” burger? I’m not so sure…As one of the last freestanding wholesale meat businesses left in Manhattan, Pat Jr. and his partner Mark are doing a remarkable job and deserve every bit of press they get.

Dan Silverman

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