Forge Tries to Raise a Second Forgione to the Firmament

Marc Forgione: a chip off the old block?
Marc Forgione: a chip off the old block?

The sons of stars generally fall into two camps — there are the pale imitations, the Julian Lennons and Frank Sinatra Jr.’s, and the Peyton Mannings and Alexandre Dumases of the world. Which one will Marc Forgione be? As Rob and Robin note in the magazine this week, the young chef, scion of New American–cooking pioneer Larry (who is himself just about to open a big restaurant in Vegas), will open Forge tomorrow in Tribeca. Forge specializes in viscerally gratifying, high-concept American food, with an emphasis on big, heavy menu items — a rib eye steak with potato-brown butter, suckling pig, and the like. That’s the vein that Forgione’s dad mined so profitably back in the day, and Forgione claims it as his own, as well. He says that the place “projects my energy and passion,” as well as “years of family history, my personal style, and the texture of the neighborhood.” Whether he will measure up to the old man still remains to be seen. But at least he’s trying!

Opening: Forge [NYM]

The delicate side of Forge.
The delicate side of Forge. Photo: Zach Desart