Food Writers Share Their Dating Advice — But Why?

We always considered the connection between sex and food to be a suspect one, and we're even more convinced that the two don't mix after reading a somewhat disturbing feature on Nerve called “dating advice from food writers.” The tips range from the horrific (Julie and Julia author Julie Powell's “A good rare beef liver is like being banged hard against a wall in a skeezy alley behind a nightclub”) to the totally inane (Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts's “Stick to lighter foods — salads, a simple piece of fish and a light dessert.”) Undoubtedly the silliest question, however, is asked of “Shameless Carnivore” Scott Gold: “Where can I pick up a food writer?” Ignore Gold's reply of the Greenmarket (!). Food writers can be found lounging around the same depressing singles' bars as every other kind of writer. They just look slightly plumper.

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