Frying Pan Will Reopen This Weekend

At her old location. Photo: Photo courtesy of Frying Pan

Today Newsday brings the beyond-glorious news that the Frying Pan, after relocating to Pier 66A and taking last summer off while it negotiated its lease and tried to secure permits, will finally reopen this weekend. The party vessel and café will have earlier closing times than when it was stationed at Pier 63, but then again, it’s a miracle that it's opening at all, given the bureaucratic hoops it had to jump through at the hands, apparently, of the Hudson River Park Trust — Frying Pan advocates say the trust wasn’t supportive of having something totally awesome docked off of the park where West Village residents read their Sunday Times. To the haters, we say, take one look at this and count your blessings the Frying Pan is the only thing you have to fret about.

Can't Seem to Sink The Frying Pan [via Eater]