Find Ryan Skeen at the General Greene

Sit down and have a classic-minded cocktail.
Sit down and have a classic-minded cocktail.

Last week, rumors had Ryan Skeen out at Resto. He’s gone, and now consulting at the General Greene, an American restaurant opening tomorrow in Fort Greene. Skeen is returning the favor his buddy Nick Morgenstern did when the former was starting Resto; now that Morgenstern has his own project, Skeen will provide backup. The two men are looking to make the General Greene a neighborhood staple for what they are calling “high-quality American comfort foods” and “classic-minded cocktails.” At the very least, the desserts are bound to be great; Morgenstern is one of the most talented pastry chefs in town.

The General Greene; 229 DeKalb Ave., at Clermont Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn; 718-222-1510

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