Encounters at the Garden Party: David Chang and Lisa From ‘Top Chef’

David Chang: Immune to sarcasm?Photo: Getty Images

A Chowhound poster named Mslex reports some excellent food sightings at last night's Garden Party, the annual fund-raiser for the LGBT Center. She describes Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl as a “very nice lady,” and reports that David Chang didn't pick up on her sarcasm when she told him that she loved the reservation system: “...he thought I was being sincere. He had a good sense of humor but from the looks of it, the system isn't changing soon, or he has a really good poker face.” A good poker face is one thing we don’t associate with David Chang, so maybe he thought she was being nice. The best tidbit by far, though, tells of a chance encounter with the Gorgon: “Lisa from Top Chef was there, she was a little rude and acted like she was a celebrity (I didn't bother talking to her), she also scoffed at the other chefs and when offered tastings, she fled to the green room.”

Ruth Reichl just fed me Momofuku Ko, Spotted Pig, Jean-Georges, and Florent tried to get me tipsy! [Chowhound]