Edison Ballroom Opens in Former Supper Club Space

Photo: Melissa Hom
We don’t usually cover private-event spaces, but when the space that used to house the Supper Club, in the Edison Hotel, reopened for Chef’s Night Out (after the James Beard Media Awards) last Friday, there was so much nostalgia in the air that we thought we’d give you a look at its new incarnation.

Owner Allan Wartski, who used to operate Local on the same block and now runs Hakata Grill nearby, as well as Christos Steakhouse in Astoria, spent $5 million modernizing the 17,000-square-foot space’s Art Deco interior (it first opened as the hotel’s ballroom and was also used as a theater). His executive chef from Christos, Mina Newman (formerly opening chef at Dylan Prime) will handle catering. So why not open this space up to the public? “Nightclubs have less of a lifeline,” Wartski tells us (somebody better tell Touch!). “We’re really looking to keep it as a corporate and private-party space.” Until that plan changes, you’ll just have to get invited over. Winning a Beard Award helps.