Do You Have the Stuff to Be the Stinky-Cheese-Eating Champion?

Last year’s winner, Oliver Butler, is congratulated by Borough President and glutton-in-chief Marty Markowitz.Photo courtesy Stinky BrooklynStinky Brooklyn is hosting Stinkfest on June 22, and that means another cheese-eating competition. Last year’s winner, Oliver Butler, will defend his title, acquired through the act of ingesting six ounces of Cantal cheese in one minute flat. (We had hoped, in a twisted way, that the contest would revolve around eating genuinely stinky, runny soft cheeses, but presumably no human GI system could handle much of those. Cantal is a hard, Cheddar-like cheese.) The eating contest isn’t the only draw: It’s part of the Smith Street Fun Day Fair, and there will be fried cheese curds from Stinky, cocktails and raclette from the Jake Walk, and fish tacos from Chestnut. And music, lots of music. Six different bands will perform throughout the day. But there will be only 30 competitors for the cheese-eating title, so call Stinky Brooklyn now if you want to register.

Stinky Cheese + Sun = Ooze [Gothamist]