D.J.-Chef Practices ‘Musical Gastronomy’ in Williamsburg

Cooking and music have been known to intersect during episodes of Dinner With the Band, for instance and an Italian gentleman known as Don Pasta Selecter (not his real name) is taking things a step further. In a move somewhat reminiscent of Steve Martorano (the Philly chef cooks while an audio-visual show wows the dining room, inspiring this rather hilarious hip-hop song), Don Pasta, who is also a D.J., has been using his cookbook, Food Sound System (sorry, not a cookbook a political manual for musical gastronomy) as a springboard for readings-cum-parties, during which food-prep footage is accompanied by live jazzy, folky music. If it sounds confusing, theres a video on Don Pastas Website or you can just check him out at aka Potion in Williamsburg, where hell be doing his thing till 4 a.m. on June 27. Its suggested you come well-fed, lest the cooking videos make you hungry were thinking some folks might just bring their own mushrooms.

Don Pasta Selecter [Official site]