Dave Martin of ‘Top Chef’ Is Banking on Mac and Chee$$$e

The mac daddy.Photo: Getty Images

When Steve Lewis interviewed Nikki Cascone of Top Chef, season four, she complained about having to cook macaroni and cheese at 24 Prince, though she admitted it paid the bills. One former cheftestant who’s just fine with serving the stuff, thank you very much? Dave Martin from season one. At an event for Self magazine, he told our reporter Sharon Clott than in six months he’s sold $35,000 worth of the $15 black-truffle macaroni and cheese at Crave on 42nd Street. “I actually had a conference call with Whole Foods last week, and they were talking about bringing it on their hot line or prepackaged menu,” he revealed. “I’m also talking to them about doing my sauces and roasted vinaigrette.” And people? He also might be on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street! Beats being stuck on the Top Chef cruise, no?