Dating Show Pairs Brooklyn Foodies for Lovin’ by the Oven

feed me show

Things are heating up between Cathy Erway and Jay Lombard.Photo courtesy of Feed Me

A new Internet dating show, Feed Me, pairs up Brooklyn foodies for blind dates in which they cook their go-to dishes for each other. In the first episode (the only one online so far), Lisa Lucas admires Scott Owens blowtorch as he prepares crme brle. Free-flowing wine doesnt make the banter any less awkward, and, needless to say, R. Kellystyle sex in the kitchen does not ensue. Its all very cute, but heres hoping future episodes have more of a Hell Date angle perhaps Shameless Carnivore Scott Gold, whos slated to appear soon, can sear foie gras for a vegan as a little person with a pitchfork waits in the shadows.

Feed Me [Official site, via Brooklyn Based]