Craft Veteran to Open New Williamsburg Café

Sunny Bang is on a mission. Photo: Photo courtesy Sunny Bang

Sunny Bang is bringing his considerable pedigree to Williamsburg. The young chef, who cooked for years under Tom Colicchio at Craft, Sam DeMarco at Fireside, and Kerry Heffernan at South Gate, will open the New Williamsburg Café on Wythe Street in Williamsburg. Bang describes his culinary roots as “contemporary American fine dining,” and he plans to use many local ingredients while “trying to keep all the entrées under $25.”

The restaurant has two large wood-burning ovens leftover from its former life as Moishe’s bakery. One will be devoted to pastry, pies, and fresh baked breads (“I’m from Texas, so I’m thinking jalapeño cornbread”), and the other one will go for “Sunday dinner”–type proteins like whole chickens and piglets — big primal cuts whose aroma will suffuse the restaurant. The New Williamsburg Café will open up July 4 weekend, but neighbors may want to drift by a few days prior to that. Bang says the atmosphere will be very cook-centric. “I want it to be a cooks’ forum,” he says.

The New Williamsburg Café, 170 Wythe St., at N. 7th St.; no phone yet.