Country Steak Planned for Country’s Upstairs

Downstairs: Haute Barnyard. Upstairs: steak.
Downstairs: Haute Barnyard. Upstairs: steak. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Country chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who gave the restaurant an Haute Barnyard makeover earlier this year, will rebrand the upper floor as Country Steak. “I’ve been trying to do a steakhouse concept for a while,” says Zakarian. “I was looking for a location, and we’re already doing a lot of head-to-tail cooking at Country. So we’re just going to do it here. I’m installing a wood grill, and we’re going to open after our usual summer hiatus in September.” The meat program isn’t final, but the focus will be on the smoky flavor imparted by wood embers. “We’re still looking at different woods, different methods,” says the chef. (We’d go with Brandt beef and a combination of oak and hickory — but that’s just us.) Country’s current multicourse menu will continue throughout the summer. Country Steak will open on October 1.

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