Colin Alevras to Cook the Tasting Room’s Last Supper

Colin Alevras feels remorse for orphaning his fans.
Colin Alevras feels remorse for orphaning his fans. Photo: Melissa Hom

Colin Alevras pulled the plug on the Tasting Room so abruptly that many customers never even knew it was out of business until too late. So for all those orphaned loyalists, Alevras will cook the last supper the restaurant never had, at the Astor Center on the June 27. It will be a seven-course tasting menu accompanied by Italian craft beers. “I was pissed off that he closed the restaurant without telling me,” explains Astor Center director Lesley Townsend. “People loved the place, loved him. So we put together a dinner right in the kitchen for only sixteen people, so they can hang out with Colin and watch him cook and get the whole experience they would have wanted, had they known the Tasting Room was closing.” The tickets, which are available through the Astor Center’s Website, are $165 per person.

The Astor Dining Series: Colin Alevras’s Private Tasting Room [Official site]
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