Clubs Raided by Kinder, Gentler Nightlife Police

The lights went out at Marquee this weekend.
The lights went out at Marquee this weekend. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Last week in an interview with Steve Lewis and head of the New York Nightlife Association David Rabin, lawyer Bob Bookman discussed the law that allows cops to shutter clubs after three legal violations and said, “The situation is better now than a year and a half ago. There are fewer [Nuisance Abatement Law] actions in 2008 against clubs than there were in 2007” — which is in keeping with what we’ve heard from some club owners. Ironic, then, that over the weekend Splash, Marquee, and Pacha were closed down thanks to the law (Edge New York reports that Pacha was shuttered owing to sales of Ecstasy, up to $750 of cocaine, and marijuana). As with the last time Splash was raided two years ago (along with Spirit, Deep, Avalon, and Speed — remember them?), there are accusations that cops are targeting gay nights and venues. We’ve seen enough straight clubs sunk to doubt that, but we’ve asked the NYPD for comment as well as the details of the other busts.

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