Citizen Critics Weigh In on Anne Burrell’s New Show

Anne Burrell: A debate already rages.
Anne Burrell: A debate already rages. Photo: Melissa Hom

Centro Vinoteca chef Anne Burrell’s Food Network show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, premiered early Sunday morning, but not too early for Internet commenters. There are threads on eGullet and Yelp, but the longest by far is over at Serious Eats, where some viewers jumped on the chef with both feet, hectoring her for “doing a song and dance routine while talking non-stop.” Others blamed Burrell’s producers: “[S]he doesn’t have to be ‘Truck stop Millie’ .. If they let her be her self she will be fine!” But there are fans, too: “A total breath of fresh air. As soon as she told me to ‘brown the crap’ out of the veggies for the Bolognese I was hooked.” Did you see it? Leave your thoughts in our comments.

The verdict! Anne Burrell’s new show - Did you watch? [Serious Eats]

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