Cindy McCain Accused of Stealing Another Recipe; Midwest Floods Are Bad News for Food Prices

• Cindy McCain is being accused of stealing another recipe; this time, it’s a cookie recipe that can be found on the Hershey’s site. [Serious Eats]

• The “celebrity” spottings in the Hamptons this weekend included Verne Troyer promoting The Love Guru at La Playa and Melanie B. of the Spice Girls at Dune. [Down by the Hipster]

• Though it’s just an old wives’ tale, a spicy meal just before bedtime can lead to a less-than-restful night of sleep. [NYT]

• Heavy flooding in the Midwest means that food prices will climb even higher than previously predicted, with an increase as high as 9 percent, according to some analysts. [WSJ]

• Frank Bruni takes time to ponder the proliferation and popularity of Italian restaurants in Europe and sort of comes up with the conclusion that Italian food tastes good, is easy to make, and is cheap. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Oil(y) heir Brandon Davis freaked out because he had to wait for the bathroom one night at 1Oak last week. [NYP]

• Though it’s not quite clear whether the Hallo Berlin cart itself will be going, the head vendor wants to head to Beijing and, later, Rio to sell sausages. [Lost City]