Cesar Fuentes Ponders the Effects of Ikea on the Red Hook Vendors


Red Hook food-vendor rep Cesar Fuentes went on Brian Lehrer Live last week to discuss the role of the ball-fields vendors, their 34-year history in Red Hook, and what impact Ikea might have on the neighborhood. Fuentes doesn't think that the extra foot traffic from Ikea will affect the vendors, but that sounds like wishful thinking to us — especially after how overrun the parks have been in past years. (Fuentes says that he's even heard people are planning on using the Ikea water taxi for the sole purpose of hitting the ball fields.) Fuentes closed the interview by hinting that the struggle in Red Hook may be the start of a bigger push for vendors' rights. Will Fuentes serve as a Lenin to an international vendors collective? There's nobody better for the part.

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