Cafecito to Open Takeout-Chicken Spinoff

Cafecito, the tiny Cuban eatery on Avenue C, is giving birth to an even tinier spinoff. Pollo Cafecito, a takeout operation, will feature brined rotisserie chickens and a “batido counter” selling tropical-fruit shakes. “We will also have what we believe to be the only guarapo machine in Manhattan,” says owner Lola Pearl. “Guarapo is fresh sugarcane juice and will be used in all of our shakes. In Cuba and Miami it's considered a light, refreshing drink on a hot day. It works better than Gatorade to get into your system quickly.” No doubt it will chase that chicken down very effectively. The guarapo and the chickens should both come on line sometime in mid-July.

Pollo Cafecito, 185 Ave. C, nr. 11th St.; no phone yet.