Bun Gets Eaten Out of 24/7 Business (Till Next Week)

A reader writes: “What happened at Bun last night with their free food promotion?! They canceled reservations and didn’t let anyone know! My friends and I showed up for our scheduled midnight reservation and a waitress rudely told us that they ran out of food … Which is of course a lie. You guys should report on what happened and how it inconvenienced so many people when they had everyone’s emails and phone numbers.” No sooner said than done!

When we told you that Bun was giving away free meals, we worried that the restaurant’s generosity would put it out of business — and while that didn’t quite happen, a hostess who answered the phone last night told us that the new 24/7 schedule won’t be going into effect this week as planned. “During the free food promotion,” she said, “we totally maxed ourselves out, so we won’t be starting the new schedule until mid–next week.” She also said something about the owner having to leave the country on an emergency. Things just get weirder and weirder at Bun, but for the sake of revelers who want something just a little fancier than the 24-hour McDonald’s on Canal Street at 5 a.m., let’s hope the kinks work themselves out.

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