Bronx Grind-and-Grinders Joint Was Just a Prank

Cordato's, the original grind-and-grinders joint. Photo: Mark Peterson/Redux

A few weeks ago, Gawker reported that enterprising Bronx resident “Cousin Vinny” Agnello was planning to open an “adult club” in a former Subway franchise (a flyer promised “unlimited fountain soda for your mixers, foot-long sandwiches of your choice, and a discrete and totally safe atmosphere to indulge in your carnal fantasies”). Even in a city that allowed Cordato’s (the grind joint in the back of a deli) to exist for a good while before cracking down, it seemed too smutty to be true. According to The Real Deal, “Cousin Vinny” now says it was indeed all a prank to drum up business, and he’s circulating flyers apologizing to community members “whose feathers were ruffled,” as well as offering a $1 discount. Meanwhile, in actual strip-club news, the Post reports that Club Kalua, the site of the Sean Bell shooting, has been closed by the Department of Health for, among other things, evidence of mice and unsanitary food surfaces. See, Vinny, aren’t you glad you didn’t open that club for serious?

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