It’s Breakfast Time in New York

New York brings home the bacon in this week's magazine.
New York brings home the bacon in this week’s magazine. Photo: Mitchell Feinberg; food styling by Sarah Jane Crawford

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal in a typical day of a New Yorker, but it matters: That’s why we’ve devoted a whole issue this week to the first meal of the day. We break down the science of breakfast and ask 60 New Yorkers what they ate one morning. We send Adam Platt into a room with 100 breakfast cereals and refuse to let him out until he reviews every one. We’ve got the authoritative guide to bacon and eggs and all you need to know about the city’s massive caffeine addiction. And Platt joins Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld in nailing down the city’s twenty best breakfasts, from French toast to burritos. Pour yourself some coffee, order a bialy, and start reading.

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How to Pick an Egg … And a Nice Slice of Pig
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The Guide to Caffeine Addiction
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