Bobby Flay Refuses to Eat Brains

On Serious Eats today, Bobby Flay touts some favorite local spots: Morandi’s brunch, Balthazar’s and Momofuku Ssäm’s late-night menus, JG Melon’s burger, and the ice-cream sundae at Shake Shack. The one thing he won’t eat? “Brains.”

Not even in taco form, like at Tacos Nuevo Mexico, in Park Slope? We won’t look for Flay enjoying the calf’s brain at Chez Napolean or the sliced brains at Sammy’s Roumanian anytime soon, but we’re thinking Batali could charm him into eating the lamb’s brain “francobolli” with lemon and sage at Babbo. It’s not like he’s Gwyneth Paltrow, after all.

Meet & Eat: Bobby Flay [Serious Eats]