Boar’s Head Wants You to Finger Your Deli Man

boar's head deli man

Have you seen this man?Daniel Maurer

In Williamsburg home of viral marketing? we saw this poster asking passersby to rat out their deli guy if hes switched out Boars Head for a mystery meat. We called the number on the poster, 1-877-FLIM-FLAM, and an operator asked us if we were calling to report a suspected concern. We abide by a strict NO SNITCHING rule, but our agent told us wed be rewarded with a token of our appreciation a Boars Head keychain. Tempting! But would this get someone fired? Theyll go in and investigate, our liaison briefed us, and see if theyre switching the meat. Then, I dont know what kind of action theyd take Im assuming theyd confront the person and not allow them to sell Boars Head in the store anymore. Whoa, confront the person? Sounds a little bit sinister. Heres hoping there arent any torture memos floating around the Boars Head offices.