Boar’s Head Wants You to Finger Your Deli Man

Have you seen this man? Photo: Daniel Maurer

In Williamsburg — home of viral marketing? — we saw this poster asking passersby to rat out their deli guy if he’s switched out Boar’s Head for a mystery meat. We called the number on the poster, 1-877-FLIM-FLAM, and an operator asked us if we were calling to report a “suspected concern.” We abide by a strict NO SNITCHING rule, but our agent told us we’d be rewarded with a “token of our appreciation”— a Boar’s Head keychain. Tempting! But would this get someone fired? “They’ll go in and investigate,” our liaison briefed us, “and see if they’re switching the meat. Then, I don’t know what kind of action they’d take — I’m assuming they’d confront the person and not allow them to sell Boar’s Head in the store anymore.” Whoa, “confront” the person? Sounds a little bit sinister. Here’s hoping there aren’t any torture memos floating around the Boar’s Head offices.